Our Communities

Canfor operates manufacturing facilities in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec, as well as in the Southern US states of North and South Carolina. We aim to be strong members of the communities in which we operate, supporting local initiatives and programs that align with our sponsorship goals and guidelines. Find out more about Canfor's sponsorship program »

Canfor communities are among the most liveable in North America. Diverse and exciting recreational opportunities, clean and healthy natural environments, affordable housing and reasonable costs of living make our communities great places to live. Canfor’s competitive compensation and benefits packages mean that you can build a lifestyle as a Canfor employee that is increasingly out of reach in many parts of North America.

For more information on the communities and the facilities we operate within them please see our operations page.

Compare Housing Prices

Average Selling Price Year to Date (Sept 2011) for a residential detached house
Darlington, SC $89,800
Marion, SC $91,600
Mackenzie $104,543
Graham, NC $128,700
Houston $148,526
Camden, SC $152,900
Conway, SC $160,100
Myrtle Beach, SC $165,900
Vanderhoof $184,604
Quesnel $195,726
Chetwynd $195,000 (Northern Lights area)
Canal Flats  $208,000
Vavenby $211,000 (Clearwater / Wells Gray area)
Ste Foy, QC $233,500 (Québec Metropolitan Area)
Prince George $245,542
Grande Prairie $253,485
Cranbrook $276,566
Fort St John $319,391
Bellingham, WA $332,150
Radium, BC $354,000
Elko $452,000 (Fernie Rural Recreational area)
Vancouver $869,701