Canfor Pulp manufactures one of the highest quality pulp products available in the world – used to make strong durable products on its own, our premium reinforcing pulp is also mixed with lower grade pulps to improve the strength and versatility.

Canfor Pulp has upgraded our mills to make them greener and more efficient. At Northwood Pulp, we reduced odorous sulphur gas emissions and particulate emissions by 90%. At Prince George Pulp Mill, we reduced particulate emissions and are using more biomass power.

Canfor Pulp’s goal is to become energy self-sufficient. This is possible because our modern Kraft pulp mills operate as bio-refineries. They separate fibres and we use non-fibrous components as fuel to generate electricity and heat our operations – while reducing waste. We also generate electricity by burning sawmill wood residuals. Some of our mills are able to export surplus power to other users or to the electricity grid.

Canfor Pulp’s Technical Marketing Program (Temap) provides a signature knowledge delivery channel. Unmatched by our competitors, TEMAP is comprised of an open web resource, and a unique customer service platform.

Canfor Pulp’s Premium Reinforcing Pulp has the unique properties needed for specialty applications – from tea bags to fibre cement to wall coverings. Through our technical marketing, we look for customers whose high-value products need the properties our high-quality pulp can offer – such as high tensile strength and dimensional stability.


Canfor Pulp is proud to be able to offer one of the most diverse specifications of softwood kraft pulps available from any supplier to the pulp market today.

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Canfor Pulp manufactures Kodiak Kraft® and Polar Kraft® from a forest resource world renowned for high strength, fine Northern Fibres.

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